Ronald "Kwesi" Harris, Renowned College Advisor, Dies At 56

Visitation will be Friday, June 24, 2016 at Leak & Sons Funeral Home (18400 S. Pulaski, Country Club Hills, IL) 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

A public memorial will be held Saturday, June 25, 2016 at the Emil and Patricia A. Jones Convocation Center on the campus of Chicago State University

You may enter at 95th and St. Lawrence or 99th and King Drive. 

10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. (Early arrival is encouraged) 

Source: The Family's Official Page 
He was committed to creating new opportunities for black males on Chicago's South Side.

Ronald "Kwesi" Harris, 56, director of the African-American Male Resource Center at Chicago State University, passed away after a battle with cancer. Known as "Baba Kwesi" to his students, family, and friends, the energetic Harris worked tirelessly to improve academic possibilities for countless men of color. 

Born and raised in Chicago, Harris became a successful product of the public school system. He graduated from Simeon Vocational High School in 1977 and completed a Bachelor's degree program at Central State University in 1981. 

(Ronald "Kwesi" Harris speaks to 2CN (now Big Zack TV) in 2011)

Ayesha Jaco, Lupe Fiasco, and Ronald Kwesi Harris

Baba Kwesi's work attracted the attention of big names in entertainment-- including rapper Lupe Fiasco and TV actor John Marshall Jones ("Smart Guy"). In fact, Lupe Fiasco dedicated song lyrics of "Mission" to Baba Kwesi in 2014.
For this writer, "Baba Kwesi" was an influential source of encouragement. He invited me to film news segments when the university still preferred larger media outlets to film on campus. He would compare my media outlet to "CNN" because he supported young men who dreamed. 

What consoles me is that Baba Kwesi changed the world. He fought to turn his institution into "The Chicago State University". Because of his works, black men with the greatest challenges were able to able to achieve great triumphs. 

Baba Kwesi will be missed. However, his work continues. He planted a seed in so many of his supporters that will grow into fruits of his legacy. 

Rest well. 

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  1. Mr. Ronald "Kwesi" Harrs was a great man...a positive light of energy for everyone he came in contact with on campus. I am a female student and can say he was always upbeat and encouraging to the student body as a whole. He was always motivating all of us to stay focused on achieving our educational goals. He and Ms. Tyler also really made "Jazz in the Grass" "The Place to Be" as hosts!!

    Chicago State University will not be the same without his him, but I am confident his spirit will forever be there! He will definitely be missed and well loved by us all! My last encounter with him was this past Spring 2016 semester, passing through the cafeteria. He came in and I said "Hey how are you Kwesi" and as always, he replied, "How are you my sister". I then said "I'm fine, just trying to hang in here...they can't shut us down!" He said, "And you know this, we ain't going nowhere!" I then replied, "That's right, CSU...Cougar Love!" He laughed and said, "My girl....Cougar Love!" I am so glad I got to see him and that is a memory that I will cherish because I know he genuinely meant it...he definitely cared!! Rest well, much love to you and your family Baba Kwesi!!

    Annis Hill - MIS Major - Class of December 2016

    1. Thank you for sharing that story. Baba Kwesi was a giant and we will continue his work. His role in life was to plant seeds so that we can harvest the fruit.

      So glad that he came our way.