Overlooked Actors, Vol 1: The Cool Guys

If you're tired of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Steve Harvey starring in every movie or TV show-- you are not alone. There are thousands of overlooked, under appreciated actors who deserve an international spotlight. Unfortunately, the entertainment business has a Catch-22: you need experience to get work but you can't find work without previous experience. 

Thankfully, I have noticed a few men who found a way around the Catch 22 by creating their own opportunities.

(Don't worry, ladies. I will profile my favorite female actors in the next post.) 

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Check out his demo reel:

Anderson is one of my favorite "overlooked" actors. I enjoyed his work on the hit web series, "For Colored Boys". From there, he has landed roles on "Law & Order: SVU" , and "Blue Bloods". 
While I dislike seeing him play characters who are always thugs, prisoners, or rappers, I admire his tenacity and stage presence. He delivers great monologues and will eventually land an award-winning role one day. 

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As a product of the U.S. Military, Shaun Van Prude embodies strong values that can help him in other fields-- including acting. 

Prude is a versatile actor who can play a variety of roles and works well with directors. Yet, Prude faces the same challenge as Anderson above: the temptation of giving in to "typecasting". Due to his height (6'4) and inner-city background, some casting directors might see him only as a detective or an athlete.  
Fortunately, he knows how to produce his own YouTube videos and creates his own images.  

Check out this monologue that I wrote for him:  

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Michael Maponga is putting his own twist on "The American Dream". He was born in Zimbabwe but grew up in Texas. Now, he is trying to bring the best of both worlds together to reach large audiences. 

Maponga's work ethic is incredible. In addition to acting, he is an entrepreneur. His current project, AfroLandTV, is expected to be a Netflix-type entertainment source. 

Check out his comedy audition tape below: 


Stay tuned for Overlooked Actors, Vol 2: Wonderful Women -- a profile of some amazing female actresses.

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  1. Awesome talent! I am a NYC actor/entrepreneur as well - check out my startup @ http://bit.ly/24ExAKs