"The Famous Jett Jackson" (Where Are They Now?)

In 1998, the Disney Channel premiered a groundbreaking series named "The Famous Jett Jackson". The late Lee Thompson Young (1984-2013) played "Jett Jackson", a television star who moved his show from Los Angeles to his small North Carolina town. For three seasons, Young became one of Disney's first faces of diversity and opened doors for other actors/actresses of color to have their own shows. Tragically, he passed away from suicide in August 2013. Yet, his legacy lives on through his fans and former cast mates.

(Montrose Hagins, who played Jett's great-grandmother, passed away in 2012.) 

What ever happened to the surviving cast members? Zack's TVLife did some digging to bring you up to speed.

GORDON GREENE ("Sheriff Wood Jackson") 

Mr. Greene is now producing and directing his own projects, including "XXENOS" and "Coconut Hut". You can find more information about him on his website, Gordon Greene Projects


The Lord told me to tell you that J.B. is a pastor now. Ryan has gone from Ryan Sommers Baum to Ryan Dowell Baum.  Baum pastors First Congregational United Church of Christ in Sioux City, Iowa. By the way, Ryan's pronouns are "they, them, and their", so please address Ryan accordingly.

KERRY DUFF ("Kayla") 

Kerry Duff is hard to find. She hasn't been active in the entertainment industry and doesn't have a social media presence. 

If you have any updates about cast members, please share them below. 

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