2020 Notables in Business: Problem Solvers, Trendsetters & Global Citizens

As 2020 begins, ZTL salutes business leaders who are opening doors for the next generation. We have chosen 2020 Notables in Business after doing extensive research about people who make investments in their communities. You will see problem-solvers, thought-leaders, and global citizens who create lasting impacts in their respective fields. 


Joshua Mercer
Insurance Agent
Chicago, IL

Joshua Mercer should run for Mayor of Chicago. (No, seriously. The dude is that impressive.) He's a proud, lifelong Chicagoan who is making big moves in business and real estate. For him, selling insurance is part of the family legacy. Mercer's mom is a veteran insurance agent who encouraged him to follow in her footsteps. Yet, he still found time to use his Master's degree in Education to benefit young people in his hometown.

Based on Mercer's work, problem-solving is a major component of his job. His customers/clients seek his help to find the most affordable and efficient insurance plans. However, this process comes with challenges. Mercer's staff works to meet the needs of every customer but there is no perfect insurance plan. Through this, Mercer must engage in problem-solving for his customers (including risk advising and claim adjustments) and for his own business. Still, Mercer's agency is highly rated on review sites and respected throughout Chicago.  

Outside of business, Mr. Mercer is involved in the community. He has helped countless youth through his Swish Dreams Foundation and work with Chicago Public Schools. Now, he's gaining notoriety for his advertisements (which can be seen at Mariano's stores in Evergreen Park) and his TV appearances on WCIU-TV's "The Jam". As 2020 progresses, he is going to reach new heights in business. 

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Erin Jacobs Mays
Pflugerville, TX
Marketing Guru

Erin's on a roll: she's already been selected for Austin Under 40 and Austin Inno's 50 on Fire. (This blog is just the icing on the cake.) As the CEO and Co-Founder of Ebco, Mrs. Mays helps her clients be trendsetters in the fast-paced world of marketing. For the past 20 years, Integrated Marketing Communications has been the main vehicle of this industry. The concept of having one voice across all marketing initiatives is key for a brand's success. Ebco's team understands this and offers their clients ways to be trendy throughout all of their marketing channels. 

Mrs. Mays and her team know all about trends. They conduct "trend investigations" for clients-- which help clients do more than they stay ahead of the curve. With Ebco, clients can create a new curve and set their own trends. Through "trend immersions", clients can develop new ways for their brands to reach consumers.

In this new decade, Mays will be leading the way to better marketing experiences. 


Linda Calhoun
Nonprofit Executive
San Francisco, CA 

Ms. Linda Calhoun is the ultimate role model for young ladies. According to her official bio, she is an "entrepreneur, activist, and community leader". As the Founder and Executive Producer of Career Girls, Ms. Calhoun connects girls with role models and equips them with valuable life skills for future success. She uses her background in international policy, social justice, and STEM to find ways to help girls achieve equity in the global marketplace. 

In 2020, Ms. Calhoun is the multi-faceted professional who can help shift the narrative of the Presidential election cycle. Understanding women's issues is critical for the success of every candidate. Thus, Calhoun's quest to bridge the "imagination gap" will not be vain. She understands the global implications of female empowerment. In due time, her efforts will come to fruition. 


Throughout the year, we will be adding more Notables in Business. Stay tuned!  

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