TOP THAT! | Tim Doner Speaks 20 Languages

Tim Doner is a teen with a unique hobby: studying languages.
In fact, he speaks over 20 of them-- with varying levels of proficiency. Last year, he became "Internet famous" when he posted a YouTube video showcasing his goods. 

Many experts call Tim a "hyper-polyglot"-- a term for the few people who master multiple languages with high proficiency levels. 

In the book, Babel No More, linguist Michael Erard examines "the most extraordinary language learners" of the world. 

According to Mr. Erard, polyglots have a "particular neurology" which allows them to do what most people could only dream of: speak, write, and understand foreign languages with great precision.
Additionally, the author states that polyglots also possess unique social and physical characteristics which could explain their "super human" abilities. 

While polyglots are extremely rare, it is possible that Doner's fame and notoriety will motivate others to be language machines. 

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