Veteran TV News Editor Stays A 'Cut' Above The Rest

"News editing is a lot like a factory."

Teresa Simmonds, a video news editor for WXYZ-TV in Detroit for the past 9 years, has developed a knack for assembling clips of footage into a finished product. 

In an exclusive interview with Twain Richardson, the 36-year-old media expert shares how she got into the industry and what she loves about it. 

"I am interpreting words into pictures. It's like a puzzle I am putting together for you--the viewer--to watch and understand," Simmonds explained.

As a child, the Michigan native decided that she wanted to go into film editing because of her love for science-fiction movies. "Editing incorporated all of my nerdiness--computers, graphic design, storytelling, and my need to organize chaos," she said. 

For those who want to follow in her footsteps, Simmonds offers a special warning. 

"Sometimes the fast pace of TV news gets to some people and they freak out," she revealed.

"For that, I just put on my noise canceling headphones."

~ 2CN Staff Report

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