Prediction: Miami Heat Will Be 2012 Champs

In his Zack's TV debut, Men's Lifestyle blogger Yashua Nelson gives his prediction about the NBA Finals.  

The two teams most analysts predicted to play for the 2011-2012 NBA championship--The Miami Heat and The Oklahoma City Thunder are doing just that. Both teams have proved that they are championship-caliber teams. But what's left for question now is: who is the better team? Who will become champions this year, immortalizing them in our history books forever?

My prediction is that the Miami Heat will be this year champions with Lebron James as the Finals MVP. There is no doubt that Miami has one of the best starting line ups in the NBA today. But that is not how I came to my conclusion--especially since Miami lost to the Dallas Mavericks last year. The thing is, Miami has grown a lot since last year. Losing in the finals last year helped them realize that talent alone will not win them a ring. This year, they are playing with a sense of desperation that they didn't have last year. Role players are making stronger attempts to help the big three bring the trophy back to Miami.

Now, I don't think Oklahoma City Thunder is a bad team. They actually possess what it takes to become a dynasty. Their big three are amazing players. The Thunder team as a whole is stacked with young talent. Yet, there are a few issues which may keep them from getting a ring. 

The number one issue they have is their point guard. He hasn't realized how to become the championship guard Oklahoma needs him to be. He is most definitely one of the most athletic and talented point guard in the NBA without a doubt. But he isn't the only talent on his team, nor is he the best player on his team. He struggles to read the game correctly which forces him into inane shots, late or missed passes, and bad timing. All of these combined things contribute to the downfall of the team. 

Secondly, the captain of the team has to become much more vocal. As the best player on his team on both ends of the floor, he has to demand what needs to be done. This will actually help with their number one problem. By vocalizing what he expects in his point guard, this will force  the guard to up his game. If not, then this will lead to the third problem: coaching. 

The head coach should be able to see what is going on and have faith in the team, to bench their point guard. That's the most promising way to get through to your starting point guard. The coach also needs to encourage their leader to be more vocal. Without a change in at least one of these issues, they will not win a championship this year or one in the future.

~ Yashua Nelson

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