Home Cooking : Better Than Fast Food?

Sumarya Tolliver-Gurley knows her family history well--including the things worth bragging out and other items that most would not make public.  

However, one thing is not a secret for this expectant mother of twins: many of her relatives have suffered from hypertension and heart attacks. 

Having such knowledge, she has made lifestyle choices to avoid enduring those same health challenges. For her, the best way has been to eliminate fast food from the daily menu and eat meals at home. 

Mrs. Gurley joins many Americans who find that home-cooked meals are healthier and less expensive. In a recent article on Forbes.com, contributor Beth Hoffman gives some additional reasons why cooking at home is beneficial ranging from how it helps the environment to the superior taste of certain dishes. Just one week after McDonalds was found "unlovable" in a customer satisfaction survey, it is evident that families are looking for quality food options.

"I don't eat anything fried. I mostly stir fry and make soups and veggie dishes," says Gurley. " I've never been a meat eater--just seafood. So during the summer months we grill and sauté."

She says that her husband, Leroy, will indulge in fried food but only if it is prepared at home. For the 32-year-old hair designer, unhealthy eating is not an option even when she is really hungry. But she stays prepared to ensure that the twins she is carrying will receive proper nutrients for their development.  

"When I cook at home, I'm aware of what I'm eating--as opposed to eating out. Even in fine restaurants, I'm not sure of the caloric value, fat content, or food safety measures that were taken," the Chicago native explains. 

"I research recipes and I practice, practice, practice and eat, eat, eat!"

~ Zack A. Isaacs


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