'Five Heartbeats' Actress Starts Performing Arts Troupe

Tressa Thomas might not be a household name just yet, but she is no stranger to Hollywood and its politics.
In 1991, she charmed the hearts of millions as the bubbly pre-teen who couldn't stop singing in Robert Townsend's Motown-inspired period drama, The Five Heartbeats.  

Now, Thomas is a full-grown woman with a mission to help full-figured women achieve their full potential. As founder of the ThYck Troupe Organization, she works to give full-figured women opportunities for careers in the performing arts. Given her extensive background in entertainment, 33 year old actress feels qualified to be the one to open doors for women who have previously been discriminated against because of their size.

In a recent interview, she told LaShawn Williams of Gaper's Block that the troupe was inspired by a combination of knowing what could be done and what wasn't being done.

"We have a right to voice our complaints, but the best way to facilitate change is to make the change happen," Thomas said.  

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