Getting Inspired By Men's Health Next Top Trainer

As I approach my 31st birthday, I still hope to achieve an amazing physique. While my sweet tooth has been my Achilles' heel, I have made a few strides to cut back as much as possible. (It's hard, though.) 

What motivates me most is the presence of more men over 35 who have maintained youthful and muscular bodies. If they have manage to keep six pack abs, massive shoulders, and bulging biceps/triceps-- I have no excuse but to put down the sweets, make a salad, and increase my reps. 

One of my inspirations is John Hall. He's one of my acquaintances who is an contestant in the Men's Health Next Top Trainer competition. At 50 years old, he has maintained a great physique and doesn't let his age hold him back. 

While looking at some of John's competitors' pages, I found another example of fitness inspiration. Billy Boston and his wife have started their own business and hope to become the "No. 1 Fit Couple."

If I want to get in shape like them, the time is now!

I'll update you on my progress.  

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