"The Blexicans" Gives Boost To Chicago's South Side

Only on Chicago's South Side can a TV project help bring a struggling funeral home--and its surrounding community-- "back to life."

"The Blexicans"--directed by Bill Duke and produced by Red Dove Media-- recently began production at Slaughter & Sons Funeral Home on the city's South Side. Being central to the plot, the funeral home is where "an aspiring black comic" works before he secretly elopes with his Mexican girlfriend. 

For now, the major details of "The Blexicans" have been kept under wraps including distribution plans and specific roles for which actors have been cast. However, Facebook posts show that Chicago natives George Wilborn ("The Doug Banks Show"), Marla Gibbs ("The Jeffersons", "227"), and Michael Colyar ("Martin") have been on set. 

Principal casting has been handled by the groundbreaking 9-month-old Gill Hayes Talent Agency; extras casting has been handled by Anthony White. 

The Economic Impact

According to Chicago Magazine, TV shows have a greater economic impact on the city than films. For one reason, TV shows are filmed continuously whereas films usually wrap within 40 days. In addition to that, celebrities attract large crowds which in turn boosts business for the surrounding neighborhoods. With the right celebrity endorsement, the AP Deli sandwich shop across from the funeral home could become a favorite for "The Blexicans" cast.

Stay tuned for more updates about this project. 

Patti Gill (Gill Hayes Talent); Executive Producer DeShaun Ragland (Red Dove Media); Michelle Hayes (Gill Hayes Talent); Alvin Smith (Cast Member)


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