Why Lifehacker Rocks! (My Journey To Professional Coding)

All journeys begin with one step. 

Today, I began a special journey to the land of professional coding. After searching for "the basics of coding" on YouTube, I found Lifehacker. [Lifehacker provides "tips, tricks, and downloads for getting anything done."]

As a newcomer, I wanted a fast and understandable tutorial to give me the basics. The following video was very helpful in helping me to achieve that objective. 

Why I Want To Code

*Enhance My Skill Set
As an entrepreneur, I want to be able to design apps, set up servers, and find ways to attract larger audiences. In addition to that, I want to use my skills to teach others how to be entrepreneurs and create jobs for people in disadvantaged communities. 

 *Keep My Mind Fresh
I'm 30 years old and the old joke goes that the mind is the first thing to go. I don't want that to happen to me. Coding can help me learn new things and apply them to various situations for a better life. 

*I Want To Make Money
Self-fulfillment is nice and all, but I ultimately want become a billionaire through coding. (I might as well set the bar so high that I'll "have to settle" for a couple million in the bank.)

Stay tuned for more updates as I become a better coder!  

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