#BringBackOurGirls : What Is 'The Big Picture?'

As a skilled web designer and graphic artist, Kamilah S.  Autmon has an eye for detail. She is social media enthusiast and entrepreneur who uses her technical expertise to help solve problems for clients. Outside of her professional work, Autmon uses social media to bring awareness to global issues which affect her personally. From her perspective, the latest #BringBackOurGirls social media campaign is only the beginning of movement. Yet, it appears as if the majority only sees it as a political trend. 

Autmon believes that the crisis in Nigeria opens up the door for a discussion on female empowerment. "If women had more of the upper hand over there, they would actually get somewhere instead of having an antiquated existence," she said. "Ironically, those places have all the resources for riches and are more behind the times than other nations." 

For mothers of the kidnapped girls, the media appears to be their only resource. Through protests and social media, the mothers' efforts have led to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry becoming involved in the rescue efforts. 

On Tuesday, Secretary Kerry offered assistance to Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan. 

And celebrities continue to show their support for the movement via social media.

In Autmon's eyes, it is important for media consumers to stay abreast of global affairs--not just pop culture. 

"From tech to world news to finance, it's my duty as a person to know everything that's out there."

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