Kwesi Ronald Harris, Chicago's Black Male Graduate "Maker"

Don't believe all of the statistics you see and hear; There is hope for African-American men on the South Side of Chicago. At Chicago State University, African-American male graduates have one man to thank: Mr. Kwesi Ronald Harris.

Mr. Harris is the director of the university's African-American Male Resource Center, where he pursues the goals of recruitment, retention, and graduation. In the video seen below, he speaks to Marc Sims about his work with young men and programs the university supports like T.E.M.B.O (Teaching and Educating Men of Black Origin) to improve graduation rates and prepare future leaders. 

"You can't be what you can't see," Harris shared with Marc Sims.  He continued by saying that key signs of manhood are found among those who provide, produce, and protect. 

Mr. Harris realizes the magnitude of efforts, given that Chicago State is home to one of the highest number of African-American men enrolled in college statewide. 

Zack's TV salutes this Chicago (and national) hero. 

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