Dear Periscope Users: Strategize, Then Monetize!

Before you start that Periscope account, please read this blog carefully!

Periscope is the latest live streaming video phenomenon. The sleek design and pop-up style chat makes it a great way to interact with current friends and make new ones. In addition to that, the app can help content creators generate buzz and monetize their brands.

Unfortunately, the average Periscope user is trying to generate attention with pointless streams. Instead of using the app to create amazing contents, most folks stream stupid stuff like picking out outfits, getting ready for bed, and criminal plots. (Yes, two idiots streamed their plans to commit crimes!) 

If you want to make money from Periscope, try the following tactics:

*Plan Your Broadcasts
It appears to be an obvious statement but very few appear to grasp this concept! 

If you must do something spur of the moment, turn your Twitter rants into a video discussion. 

*Engage With Your Audience
Don't just read the comments; use the comments to improve what you do.  

After each broadcast, stay in touch with your viewers and create customized content for their liking. When you build a following, you can merchandise your content (like the Hell To Naw video) or plan meetups at your local coffee shop. 

Big Zack TV will be using Periscope soon to create an amazing event that will get media buzz!

Stay tuned! 

*Keep It Clean
You can partner with businesses by presenting content they can post for a large audience. Try not to use vulgar language if you can help it. You can be funny without cursing. 

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