Why #StopSaggin Matters

There's nothing more disgusting than seeing a crunchy pair of boxer shorts exposed on a hot day. That's why I want to start a #StopSaggin movement across the country. As a grown man, I cringe at seeing young men expose their filthy underwear as a fashion statement. The only thing they are expressing is the lack of proper hygiene.

Here are some ways we can #StopSaggin :

1. Suggest Rather Than Correct
Young men are highly defiant already due to underdeveloped frontal lobes and overactive testosterone levels. You have to gently suggest a better way to attract women instead of humiliating them. Correction implies that we are telling them "what to do" rather than suggesting "what works better".

2. Present Better Role Models
Show men who wear their pants properly. For every rapper who shows his boxers, there is a basketball player who can't afford to grab his shorts while running down the court.

3. Show Dangers Of Saggin'
Present research about how multiple layers of clothing protect against dangerous kinds of bacteria. If young "saggers" can see correlation between painful infections and saggin' pants, they might think twice.  

4. Get Women To Sound Off

Almost every woman I know hates to see men who sag their pants. But most men who sag their pants do it to impress women. If we can get women to speak out and rebuke this practice, we might see a decline in this "fashion trend".

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