Rahm Wins--But What About Chuy's Supporters?

There can only be one winner in politics. 

Last night, Mayor Rahm Emanuel beat Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia to win a second term in office as Chicago's top boss. And I was right there to enjoy the festivities as he gave his victory speech at the Stephen F. Bailey Auditorium of Chicago Journeymen Plumbers' Local Union 130, U.A. (Whew! That was a mouthful!)

Just like no one likes a sore loser, I can assume that people who gloat are equally as annoying. The purpose of this election should have been to show the diversity of Chicago-- even in the difference of our political opinions. While I'm happy that Rahm won, I am concerned about those who supported Chuy. 

Chuy's supporters deserve a voice. They made a lot of good points about how this city has ignored the "least of these" and made the needs of wealthy individuals a sole priority. That's what troubles me even in a time of celebration.

I want all elected officials of Chicago to remember the hard-working people who keep the city going strong. In order to reach that goal, I have to throw my name in the hat and find ways to connect and compromise for a better future.

You might be reading this with a doubtful attitude but I see things differently. I believe that we can improve things for the poor and disenfranchised if we stay focused, optimistic, and united. 

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