"Good Times" Actor Ben Powers Dies

UPDATE (April 19, 2015)

The funeral home has posted an official obituary.
 It has been confirmed true.

Some media outlets are reporting that Alton "Ben" Powers (a cast member of "Good Times") passed away on April 6. While the news is very saddening, I want to see more evidence that this story is true. With so many celebrity death rumors online, I hate reporting things without proof. If I can't see a link to an OFFICIAL announcement from a blog, a tweet, or Facebook post-- I don't want to confirm anything.

As bloggers, we still must provide better information to the public. We might not have the manpower or budget as journalists but all it takes is a screenshot of a post from a reliable source to confirm proof.

However, I would still like to offer prayers to his family and friends because this story is still most likely true. 

I just want better reporting next time.

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