Chance The Rapper's Dad: Rahm Emanuel's Next Chief Of Staff?

The Bennett family of Chicago is working hard to build their own "Empire"-- without any prison drama or dark secrets from 17 years ago. 

Chancelor Bennett (better known as "Chance The Rapper") is seen above in the center of the photo with his brother, Taylor, and their father Ken. The Bennett brothers are making waves in hip hop music while their father is becoming a powerful force in Chicago politics. As an integrated effort, Chance and Taylor's music helps their dad's boss-- Mayor Rahm Emanuel-- reach young voters; in turn, Mr. Bennett's roles as First Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Public Engagement allow him to further his sons' careers by exposing them to new cultural settings.

Now, Mr. Bennett is expected to move up further himself after news that Mayor Emanuel's current chief of staff is leaving. For the past year, Mr. Bennett has worked to build relationships with community leaders in Chicago to help the Mayor's Office be more accessible to the people.

To the contrary, some of Mr. Bennett's critics might feel that he is self-serving as the highest-paid African-American in the Mayor's Office. In addition to their criticisms, his son Taylor has been in trouble with the law; Chance has been accused of being misogynistic and homophobic.

One thing is for sure: the Bennett family continues to look ahead and experience bigger and better things.

An official announcement on the Mayor's new chief of staff is forthcoming.  

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