Candidate Glenda Franklin Spreads Love Across Chicago

Chicago political candidate Glenda Franklin refuses to forget her humble beginnings on the city's South Side. While her campaign for 17th Ward Alderman quickly moves forward, Ms. Franklin still finds time to show love to those who could be her future constituents.

Yesterday, Ms. Franklin came out to Operation Hope to help serve 2,300 meals to the needy-- a joint effort with her pastor Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church, BJ's Market, and WVON-AM.

However, Ms. Franklin has done more than just serve her own ward. Last Sunday, she came to the spot where 15-year-old Demario Bailey lost his life and offered prayers and support for his family.  For her, the zip code or political boundaries of the crime did not matter. Throughout her entire campaign, she has gone wherever there was need.

"This has to stop! This has to stop! In the name of Jesus, this has to stop," Ms. Franklin prayed before a small crowd of mourners. 

With the primary election just 2 months away, Ms. Franklin continues to reach out to her community so that they can create #ANewNormal.   

For more information about her campaign, visit her Facebook page

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