Good Cop, Bad Cop | The Blurred Lines Of Law Enforcement

Before social media, the only way to see police in action was to watch the show "Cops." Now, you can watch unedited accounts of those same "cops" on YouTube or Facebook.

But what happens when the bad cops harass their own?

Veteran police officer Ericson Harrell found out the hard way after engaging in a peaceful protest. (Watch the video below to hear his account). After almost 20 years in public service, he was surprised to learn that some of his own colleagues would target him for exercising his First Amendment rights.  
Fortunately, he received good news about 2 months ago. But his quest for justice is not over.

On Mr. Harrell's Facebook page, he posts videos and articles concerning all forms of injustice. In fact, he lists his official occupation as "Oath Keeper." And the muscular officer continues dealing with tests of his emotional strength as he fights for fairness. 

But he's not alone.

Across the nation, protesters continue to rally against police brutality. To their chagrin, the police have arrested a few of them.  

As a sign of hope, social media has helped create more awareness for citizens. On the flip side, it has led police departments to rethink their strategies upon dealing with the public.


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