Over 25 & Still Living At Home? You're Not Alone

In the upcoming Zack's TV original animated series, "Get Out, Kyle," the 26-year-old title character (seen on the right) does everything in his power to stay home with Mom and Dad--while the recent retirees exhaust their efforts to creatively "evict" him. 

Kyle might be a cartoon but his scenario is very real for many Americans. A recent Gallup poll shows that adults between 24 and 34 still living at home consider themselves "less thriving" and a decreased sense of well-being. While the sample only represents about 1,100 adults, it is still indicative of what many young people go through today.

But not every one has sympathy about adult "homebodies." Dr. Phil has tips for parents who want their grown children to get the ***k out. (Okay, he didn't write all that but you get the point.) 

For those living at home, Brad Tuttle from Time has a different perspective. In his 2012 editorial, "Being 30 And Living With Your Parents Isn't Lame--It's Awesome," he shares a report from Pew Research Center indicating that adults at home were happier. (Of course, this report was written a year before the Gallup Poll and most likely used different subjects.) 

At the end of the day, adults living at home must be the judges of their own lives. If they choose to stay, they should find a way to contribute financially to the house--if not already doing so. If they choose to leave, they must have a plan to avoid returning.

If all else fails, Kyle will help them laugh at their problems when "Get Out, Kyle" premieres later this month. 

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