A Tragic Full Circle: From Volunteer To Victim

When Pamela and Tom Bosley lost their son, Terrell, to gun violence in 2006--his friend, Robert Munn stepped up to the plate and stood by the couple and their children while they grieved. 

He would help Mrs. Bosley pass out flyers and provide dee-jay services for special events.

Now, Robert is gone.

Last Monday, the 29-year-old Munn was shot to death behind his grandmother's house near 89th and Cottage Grove. 

Just moments before, he stopped to get something to eat in a neighborhood that was dear to his heart. 

Right across the street, his family is well known at New Bethlehem #4 M.B. Church where Mrs. Bosley's father, Rev. Louis Montgomery, is pastor.  In fact, some of the church members say they heard the shots which ended Munn's life.

Yet, no one saw anything. 

It is a common scenario for many families and friends seeking justice for their loved ones: many eyes but no one sees anything. Sometimes, they are being honest; other times they are fearful to come forward with information leading to the arrest of a suspect.
Mrs. Bosley (left) organizes volunteers.

Now, Mrs. Bosley has another unsolved death to grieve. 

The day after Munn's death, she and her husband organized people to pass out flyers in the surrounding neighborhood to make residents aware of what happened.

"It's horrible. Not just for me but for my children, for the youth at this church, for the adults," she told Zack's TV. 

"That's how much he had an impact on everybody." 

(There is a $5,000 award for information leading to an arrest of a suspect by contacting Chicago Police at 312-747-8271 or St. Sabina Church at 773-483-4300.)

~ Zack The Producer

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