A Violent Holiday Weekend in Chicago

Less than a week after the NATO Summit convened in Chicago, the city has experienced a rise in shootings. As of this morning, over 30 people have been shot and two killed from gunfire across the North, West and South Sides.

Community leaders are speaking out against the violence and trying to find ways to remedy the problem. 

Rev. Darius Dionte Randle, 26, feels concerned that the violence could hit home if it doesn't stop soon. 

" I am grieved as a young man and pray daily for my own younger brother--who has entered adulthood--in times like these," says the young pastor of Radical Changers Ministries in south suburban Riverdale. 

Randle feels that the true spirit of the Memorial Day weekend has been dampened by those who do not respect human life."When we are supposed to be honoring our veterans and those lost in war, we are faced with our own war in our back yards," he says. 

Yet, the clergyman has not given up faith that things can improve. 

"I am still hopeful, but more prayerful that the violence will cease and we will become a united Chicago in honor of those who defended this country," he proclaimed. 
Jon Beer, 27, had a brief statement about the city's shootings: "Violence in Chicago should not happen." 

The law school student has interned in the U.S. District Court in Nevada and hopes to use his legal expertise to help make Chicago safer one day.

Activist Camiella Williams believes that stricter gun laws can help stop the violence.  

" I am tired of the excuses for violence," the 24-year-old gun control advocate says. 

"Violence has become too acceptable in our society."  

~ Zack A. Isaacs


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