Chicago Minister Previews Gospel Music For 2012

Tonight, Steve Harvey will host the popular annual event, "Celebration of Gospel", on BET at 8/7 Central.

In the city of Chicago, gospel music is part of the daily routine for many of its African-American residents. Many of them start their mornings listening to Pastor John Hannah and Angela Martin on WGRB-AM (Inspiration 1390) or playing religious tunes on their iPods. And while the Windy City is not the exclusive place for gospel, it does have a unique distinction being the birthplace of modern religious music.

Minister Kathryn B. Kemp, author of the gospel history book "Make A Joyful Noise"  spoke with The Z City's Zack The Producer about some of the "unsung" heroes last month at Connection Community Church. 

" The first person I think of is [the late] Delois Barrett Campbell of the Barrett Sisters," says Minister Kemp. "Although they are acclaimed somewhat, I don't think they've ever received the acknowledgment that they deserve." 

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