Chicago Man Stops Crime With His Feet

As Minister Rahim Aton stood outside of currency exchanges on the city's South Side last Friday, he made customers feel more comfortable about going inside.

He is the founder of the We Care Coalition which  recently created this initiative to ensure that the elderly and disabled can avoid robbery while going to cash their checks. Members of the group stand guard out front while customers make transactions and watch for potential muggers. Without this program in place, the men working foot patrol feel that more people would be in harm's way. 

Across the city, citizens have been experiencing more harm than good in some unsuspecting areas.

On Wednesday, the Chicago police issued a community alert informing residents of Hyde Park, Bronzeville, and Washington Park about people being forcibly robbed while walking down the street or near their vehicles.

According to WBBM's Bernie Tafoya, the alert featured mentions of incidents which occurred early morning, late afternoon and early evening. In addition,  police have not received consisent descriptions about the robbers and there is no one currently in custody. 

Aton believes that the We Care Coalition's foot patrol could help reduce robberies across the city. But he says that it is hard to provide the necessary manpower it will take to see a change.

"I want to be worldwide; I want to be citywide. One of my main [challenges] is getting more people to volunteer," the 54 year-old minister and musician told The Z City.

Formerly known as Darrell Wilson, Minister Aton started the We Care Coalition in 2003 as a nondenominational extension of his first organization called The Original Men In Black. [The group formed in 1991, six years before the film "Men In Black" was released.] 

The group briefly disbanded but reformed recently to alleviate some of the crime in neighborhoods such as Englewood. 

Aton believes that the volunteering spirit of the organization is what makes it work well. 

"Most people do it for money, but I tell people [who I help] to 'pass it down'."

~ Zack The Producer 

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