The "Upfront" Truth About Ad Sales (Big Zack TV Preview)

As my mentor says often, the real purpose of television is to sell advertising. I learned that lesson when I worked as a P.A. in ad sales at a major TV network. Three years after being laid off, I still see the real "truth in advertising" and why most networks profit off stereotypes. 

In my new TV series, "The Upfronts", I plan to chronicle the misadventures of an African-American ad sales executive who tries to influence better programming-- with disappointing but hilarious results. The show's protagonist, Damien Hartford, is a newly promoted VP of ad sales who gets tired of selling spots on terrible shows. To achieve this goal, he forms an undercover relationship with the VP of Programming-- an African-American woman-- who has no problems with the station's current strategy.

Will Damien succeed? Find out in January 2016 when "The Upfronts" premieres on YouTube and Vimeo. 

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