Devin S. James "Sells His Soul" (In Book Format)

Devin Sean James has moved on-- figuratively and literally. 

Last year, he was known as the spokesperson for Ferguson, Missouri, with a dark secret; now, he shares secrets to success via LinkedIn and his new website.

His latest post, "Tradeshow Tips Part 1- Reasons Why Your Booth Ain't Poppin'", gives tips to convention and trade show representatives who find themselves people watching instead of networking.  

Mr. James' latest project, Inside Ferguson: A Voice For The Voiceless, is an exclusive account to what he witnessed during his time in the embattled Midwestern town.  For this 33-year-old father of two, it is important to shed light on the injustices that millions of Americans face everyday. 

With all of his knowledge, Mr. James could become a teacher or a politician. 

Stay tuned..

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