Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Trader?

In this changing job market, many job seekers (and currently employed workers) are responding by changing jobs

In this first installment of "Zack's TV Career Changers," we will take a look at how the trading industry is offers a fast pace (and sometimes stressful) alternative for workers who want more money and control over their lives. 

On YouTube, there are countless documentaries and reality shows that can help acclimate the entry-level trader with the world of finance. One example is the BBC series "Million Dollar Traders"--which features "eight ordinary people" with no experience receiving the ultimate crash course in trading from fund manager Lex Van Dam. From there, the group of novices compete to be the last one standing after two months. 

But there is more to trading than watching a YouTube video. 

Every aspiring trader needs to find a mentor. However, a lot of the best mentors are the busiest ones. In turn, retired traders or college professors could provide the advice newcomers need about how to get started.

When all else fails, search engines are your friends.

Good luck!  

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