Spice Up Your Love Life With "The Silent Date"

For couples in love, the best moments are the ones where no words are said. If you are looking to switch things up with your sweetie, try the "silent date."  

One idea is to meet up with your favorite books. Read silently for an hour and then discuss. This quiet time will allow you to feel the presence of your "love bug" without having them bug you. 

Another idea is to cuddle silently. (Don't get tempted to do the noisy alternative to cuddling.) Just look at each other and smile. Gently rub your hand along your lover's face and smile. Hold hands and resist the temptation to "bump uglies" as much as you can. Trade lust for intimacy and you will communicate more efficiently without saying a word. 

The greatest benefit of the silent date is that it increases your hunger for conversation. When you do converse, you will be more open and careful in your word choice. After watching your partner's body language, you will likely choose words carefully and be more understanding.

Don't shake your head and call me stupid.

Try it!

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