Introducing The "Floating Doctors" [CHARITY OF THE WEEK]

While debates rage on about #Obamacare across the country, there are people in third-world nations barely receiving any care at all. But there is one charity providing substantial relief in some of the world's poorest areas: Floating Doctors.

Dr. Ben Labrot
Floating Doctors was founded by Dr. Benjamin Labrot  to "reduce disease" and "promote improvements in health care delivery worldwide." Additionally, the organization claims to have served over 10,000 patients in the Caribbean. That is due to the extremely low cost of living in disadvantaged regions. 

According to Sky Labrot, the operations manager of Floating Doctors, a donation of $25 will allow for 10 patients to be seen and given appropriate medications. 

For those seeking more involvement, there are volunteer opportunities as well. It helps to fluent in the official languages of the respective nations they serve. But the desire to make a difference is what matters the most. 

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