20 Years After Power Rangers, Walter E. Jones Keeps It Movin'

You might recognize Walter E. Jones for his breakout role as Zack (The Black Ranger) on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers--but that was not the beginning of his career. If you watch movies like "Malcolm X" or "White Guys Can't Jump" closely, you will notice that he was already making moves in Hollywood.  [In fact, Mr. Jones has stated in previous interviews that his dance moves helped him land the Power Rangers role.]

At 43 years old, Mr. Jones continues to move forward as an actor but never too fast that fans can't keep up with him. Whether he is interacting on social media or at comic conventions, Mr. Jones shows his humility and appreciation for fans-- including yours truly here at Zack's TV. In a brief but hilarious interview, he was candid talking about life after Power Rangers and his "secret" for success.

How did you "beat the odds" growing up in Detroit?

I was surrounded by a supportive and loving family. My Mom especially. She gave me quite a bit of my self confidence. Her name was Jacqueline Jones. She was also the neighborhood mom.

What would you have done if Power Rangers had rejected you?  

Continued to audition. It wasn't my first audition. It would not have been my last. I very likely would have become a Cruise director for Princess Cruise Lines.

After Power Rangers, did you and the cast stay in touch? What are your memories of the late Thuy Trang?

Austin, Thuy and I stayed in touch. There was a period of separation between the Rangers that stayed. We are all still friends. When I see them we jump right back where we left off. 

My memories of Thuy are beautiful! She had a kind and warm spirit. Her career was cut too short. I'm sure she would have done amazing things. May she rest in peace.

If you could produce a superhero show, what would you like it to be about? 

I have an idea about a pack of Pups that help save the world.... To be continued.

Do you feel that Power Rangers paved the way for other multicultural casts?

Absolutely!  I have received fan mail stating that our show and my character inspired them to seek out more diverse friendships. What an honor to be part of something so positive in so many ways!

Which celebrity do people mistake you for the most? (You know that happens)

My "half-brother" Wayne Brady. Lol! In the past, I would always get Larenz Tate. Maybe we should all do a film together.

What is your greatest "secret" for success? 

Love what you do. Do as much as possible!

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