Former Big Zack TV Intern Comes Full Circle (EDITORIAL)

Tanue David was the greatest "gamble" of my former team of interns back in 2012; He was the one about whom I knew the least. In just 3 months, he taught me more about himself than I could teach him about being a journalist. 

Two years later, Mr. David, 26, has expanded his journalism aspirations to a career which allows him to groom the next generation of leaders. As a youth-oriented advocate and organizer for ActionNow, he works tirelessly to improve student misconduct policies--the same policies which led to his own suspensions as a youth. 

Chicago Tribune columnist Dawn Turner Trice featured Mr. David in a recent story about activists seeking a change in student misconduct policies. For him, the current disciplinary structure puts at-risk students through a "school to prison pipeline" which he feels will only make matters worse. As a former truant officer, Mr. David knows that tough disciplinary policies deter troubled students from attending school. 

Mr. David knows all about obstacles and how to overcome them. As the son of a Liberian immigrant, he was taught at a young age to work hard and be smart. When he interned for Go Zack, Mr. David showed me just how strong he could be. At that time, there were many personal challenges facing him but he persevered and created great stories.

Now, he has people who want to tell his story.

And nothing makes me prouder. 

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