Don't 'Wing It' Alone: 5 Reasons To Take Self Defense Classes

In a world where the police only respond to "serious" emergencies, more people are turning to self defense to protect the person who matters the most: the one in the mirror! 

Contrary to popular assumptions, self defense is not just a thing for scrawny folks. (Look at the big guy in the picture above. I'm sure he doesn't need martial arts to let folks know that he means business.) 

And it's not just a thing for women or Will Smith's character on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."  

Men of all ages, physical builds, and income levels can benefit from taking self defense classes

Here are five reasons why: 

Self Defense Helps Improve Discipline
Before the ass-kicking begins, most self defense instructors like Matt Johnson (pictured above far right) will explain to students that with great power comes great responsibility. 

Known as "Sifu Matt," the veteran instructor teaches students about self control and meditation

It is a strategy of "choosing your battles wisely" to avoid fighting back when escape is a safer option.

Self Defense Provides Gun-Free Alternatives To Conflicts

Sometimes, conceal and carry is not the answer. The safest alternative to using a gun is learning how to defend yourself without one.

Self Defense Is A Gift That Keeps Giving

"When you learn, teach; When you get, give." 

You can share more than video game tips with your friends. It will help keep them from becoming defeated by real-life monsters! 


Self Defense Can Boost Your Confidence

When you know that you have the tools to defend yourself, you will feel more confident and less afraid.

Self Defense Connects You With New Friends 

If you are tired of hanging with couch potatoes or chatting with Facebook friends, self defense classes offer a positive social environment

What are you waiting for? ;) 

Head to Matt Johnson's website for more info. 



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