Looking For Work In Chicago? Try These Places

Contrary to popular belief, you can make it in Chicago! 

The job market is fine; job seekers are looking for work in all the wrong places.

If you want to find quick employment, try the following options.


Staffing agencies that specialize with conventions and trade shows are the best bets for people looking to secure relatively easy work and solid pay within 3 weeks of sending resumes.
(Some exceptions may apply.) 

Summer is very slow but the fall, spring, and winter are great times to find consistent work. 

Chicago's minimum wage is 10.00/hr for 2015 and will increase in increments until 2019 when it will be 13.00/hr.

* Convention Connection (Website)

Kate Zeitvogel, Director of Sales & Staffing
- Technology, Education, Retail focused shows
(Occasional medical shows)
- Wardrobe: White shirt, Black jacket and pants
Locations: Hyatt, Swissotel, Sheraton, McCormick Place

*Action Figures-Chicago (Website)

Lori Jaffe, Manager
- Medical and Government focused shows
- Wardrobe: Blue shirt, Black jacket and pants 
Locations: McCormick Place

*ShiftGig (Website)
Eddie Lou, CEO 
- Bartenders, servers, brand ambassadors 
Locations: Various 


Chicago's TV and film industry is getting stronger every year. Extras can find work quickly without little hassle.
The only items to remember are: 1) Be ON TIME; 2) Bring 3 changes of clothes; 3) Bring 2 forms of ID; and 4) Be patient

Anthony White Casting
*Independent films and TV shows
("Southside With You", "The Blexicans") 

Joan Philo Casting
("Chicago Med"/ "Chicago Fire")

Tail Sticks Casting
("Chicago PD) 

(Google these places or find them on Facebook) 

Extras casting pays about 80 dollars for 8 hours with time and a half. You can get a pay bump for wardrobe fittings, vehicle uses (25 dollars) and a higher pay grade if you are a stand-in. (Stand-ins are test dummies to help light the scene for actors with similar physical features). 

Stand-ins get about 140 a day. But you have to pray that you look like the actor who needs one. It's like playing the lottery.


Native Chicagoans can try Uber as well. I have a few friends who are making big bucks from Uber. 

Just steer clear of places like ATN (Across The Nation) Promotions. They offer high paying jobs but take almost 2 months to pay for certain gigs. 

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