Straight Outta Compton 's Real MVPs? (The Marketing Team)

After making $60 million in its first weekend, Straight Outta Compton is America's "surprise" summer hit. For me, the most surprising thing is that critics are ignoring what really buoyed the film's success: a spectacular integrated marketing campaign.

I know integrated marketing very well; I have a Master's degree in the field. From what I've learned so far, integration is the only way to promote a brand. If the messages become inconsistent, consumers get confused and disinterested. 

To the benefit of this film, the heads of marketing and publicity worked together. All promotions of this film--from television interviews to the hugely successful Straight Outta Somewhere meme generator-- gave "one voice" to this film. 
In addition to that, the interactive aspect of the meme generator allowed users to engage in "subliminal" marketing. 

Simply put, the film's marketing team consisted of the viewers. While cutting marketing expenses, they boosted revenue. (More money and less expenses equals HUGE profits). 

Let's just hope that fans don't take a page from the Ice Cube playbook and try to seek "lost wages". :)  

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