5 Reasons To Move To Chicago (Minus The Corny Cliches)

For all 30 years of my life, I have lived right here in Chicago.

As much as I want to leave, I haven't found the courage (or finances) to do it yet. 

Simply put, I'm tired of living in Chicago. I want to go somewhere less populated with better weather and less competition for jobs. 

By contrast, I have seen a lot of posts sharing reasons why people should move here. Unfortunately, these posts always feature generalized statements and corny cliches about the city. Chicago is more than just a place to see tall buildings and eat great pizza!

If you really want to live in "The Windy City", check out this list:

1. Chicago is easy to navigate

Most of Chicago's streets run North/South or East/West-- with the exception of streets like South Chicago, Odgen, Milwaukee, and Elston (which run "on an angle").

When I visited New York, I got confused as to why 51st and 3rd Avenue had addresses like 850 51st Street. 

We keep it simple in Chicago! 

2. Chicago makes you tough!

If your parents were like June and Ward Cleaver, you are going to be in for a "rude" awakening. (Figuratively and literally!)

Most Chicagoans won't bother you but there are a few who will test you. You have to stand up for yourself or pay the consequences. 

3. On the South Side, Chicago's "subway" gives transparent views!

The CTA trains give beautiful views of the city's skyline (heading north) and typically unseen views of the city's neighborhoods (heading south). Usually, a subway covers up the beauty of a city. In Chicago, you get to see Sox Park at 35th Street (on the Red Line) or witness live "sales demonstrations" on the train from some of the best panhandlers in the country.

4. Chicago gives you more chances to be on TV!

Whether it's the evening news or a prime time drama, you have plenty of chances to make the background!

In addition to that, people can come to our ABC affiliate's street level studio and see their favorite anchors on the other side of the glass. (Yeah, it does have a prison-like feel). But they will occasionally point the camera at the street and allow onlookers to wave for a few seconds. (Just like Good Morning America). 

5. Chicago is a love/hate kind of place.

As much as you want to leave, you always tend to miss it when you go to other cities.

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