Behind The Scenes | Why ONE BLOCK Matters

The Zack's TV original series, ONE BLOCK, is more than just a video project; the show is part of my mission to create the kind of programming that I want to see.

Before I started, I observed that most "urban" or African-American webseries focused on crime or relationships. Instead of complaining, I decided to create a different niche for storytellers. Given that I'm single and law abiding, I wanted to be the voice for working class people who live exciting but overlooked lives.

I produce the show with a Canon T3i Rebel DSLR camera, a lavalier mic, and basic editing software. I write my script on Celtx and I started an IMDB page to provide credits for my casts. Overall, I wear all of the hats and pay out of pocket with money from temp jobs. 

No begging on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. I just use what I have.

The episodes are not perfect. One of the lavalier mics has a piece missing which causes an annoying clicking sound. Plus, my editing software doesn't allow me to re-color the footage in post-production. But I keep moving. 

ONE BLOCK matters because it is truly an original concept. Studio execs don't care about the unique relationships that neighbors in block clubs have with one another. That's why I wanted to do this project.

I have a talented and amazing cast-- with new guest stars signing up as we speak.

There are no complaints here; only kudos to some amazing people that you see above.  

UPDATE - January 14, 2015:
ONE BLOCK is on hiatus while we plan for a full-fledged production. Until then, you can enjoy Episodes 1-3 right here.

ONE BLOCK - Not On My Watch (Episode 3) from Zack Raz on Vimeo.

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