Chicago's "Murderers' Row": An Epicenter of Urban Violence

It is Chicago's home of irony. 

Just a few steps from the historic Leak & Sons Funeral home is one of Chicago's most deadly areas.

According to Homicide Watch, the area around surrounding the intersection of 79th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue is called "Murderer's Row". 

That's very unbelievable. 

I wish this area was known as "Striver's Row". 

Last May, an innocent school teacher was fatally shot after being caught in gang crossfire near the same intersection. 

For those wondering what community leaders are doing, there has been some effort to curb crime. Pastor John F. Hannah, the charismatic leader of New Life Covenant Church, has organized outings to shut down liquor stores and improve safety.

In addition to churches, the Chicago Police Department has been under scrutiny for its response to the violence. A recent Sun-Times article features the following response from police: 
While some residents say the area is getting worse, there has been a 50 percent decrease in murders along the stretch compared with the same period last year. 

Police have deployed additional resources in the area, including officers on foot posts and in “impact zones,” CPD’s Tracy said.

“There is real progress,” Tracy said. “It’s not just on 79th Street, but throughout the city. … Other than two or three districts, we have reductions in crime throughout the city.”
The issue of more police came up in the above video. And I understand many people may not believe police statistics. It's clear that there's a problem here. What can ultimately be done about it? 

On that note, I am curious to know what candidates for Alderman of the 6th & 8th Wards (around or near that intersection) plan to do about this issue.

~ Levois J.

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