Cute Kids & A Good Dad: A Picture of Hope In Chicago

John Paulus is not a stereotype; he is a devoted husband and father who works to provide a better life for his family on Chicago's South Side. 

John and his wife, Sythera, want their two daughters, Mia and Faith, to grow up in a happy and healthy environment. As proud residents of the Chatham neighborhood, they are active in their children's lives to ensure that both girls reach their full potential. 

Today, John took his kids to the Summer Breeze Block Party hosted by St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church -- only a stone's throw from their home. While attendance was less than 100 people, the event was safe, fun, and brought smiles to the faces of every child there.

On the other side of town, the popular Bud Billiken Day parade had thousands of people and celebrities. But that event received some negative attention. According to various reports, two people were shot near the parade. 

While many just complain about Chicago violence, John reacts by consulting churches and nonprofits on ways to create solutions. Since 2010, Do-Gooder Consulting has been an integral component in community affairs strategies for different organizations. 

For John Paulus, the "big picture" is that Chicago can become a safer place when good men step up and lead by example.

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