'The Designer's Disease' : Why We Must Research Scleroderma

In December 2008, gospel singer Rogina Thomas of the Mississippi Mass Choir passed away from complications related to scleroderma. As a fan of her music, I was saddened by her death but I was equally intrigued to learn more about the disorder in order to create awareness in Mrs. Thomas's memory.

According to The Scleroderma Foundation's website, the disease affects 300,000 Americans -- nearly equivalent to 1 in 1,000. Additionally, women between 30 and 55 make up 80% of cases.

Medical experts admit that a major problem with scleroderma is that it is hard to diagnose. In addition to that, doctors and patients must deal with a "Catch 22" of deciding if medication will relieve symptoms or create new health problems.

For more information, watch the documentary below.

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