Why You SHOULDN'T Use A Real Pic On LinkedIn

I have nothing to hide; yet, a few prospective employers may feel otherwise when they see my LinkedIn page. For privacy reasons, I don't use my real picture-- but there is a push for people to "show it all" on the popular professional network. 
Given my (internal) knowledge of human resources, I feel that putting your picture on a LinkedIn page could do more harm than good. If you can't see what your recruiter looks like, they shouldn't need to know what you look like until the initial interview.

What should you do instead? Put up a (respectful) logo or avatar which represents what you do or who you are. If you are a science whiz, put up a lab kit; If you enjoy the arts, put up a picture of a stage or props. 

In a world where a Google diversity report shows anything but diversity, it is important to shift attention towards WHO YOU ARE and not WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.

Good luck.  

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