"Supermarket Sweep" At Local Grocery Stores?

When TV executives talk about bringing back old shows, here is one that comes to mind: "Supermarket Sweep."

Unfortunately, the show has aired in different runs during the 1960s, 1990s, and 2000s and most likely won't return to air again. 

But what about grocery stores starting their own local versions of the game? 

The latest numbers from the USDA show that the weekly cost of feeding a family of 4 ranges from $146-$289 . (Even with coupons, that is still a hefty bill.) 

A small-scale "Supermarket Sweep" game can benefit grocers by generating increased store traffic,  engaging customers and improving the store's reputation. In turn, the retailer will build customer loyalty which will lead to higher profits. 

If you feel this is a good idea, take time to write an e-mail to your favorite store's marketing department.

You never know. They might catch on. 

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