Goodbye Barry Frost: How Will Rizzoli & Isles Address It?

UPDATE (June 17, 2014): TV Guide has spoiled it already. If you want to see how Frost's character is written off, click here.

If you came here looking for a spoiler alert, I owe you an apology; the purpose of this post is to speculate how TNT's "Rizzoli & Isles" will pay tribute to the late Lee Thompson Young next Tuesday (June 17) on the season premiere. 

According to reports, the absence of Mr. Young's character--Barry Frost-- will be addressed in the first 2 episodes of Season 5. And information found on the show's IMDB page gives a few clues to what COULD happen. 

The tentative titles of Episode 1 and Episode 2 are "A New Day" and "Goodbye." From those titles, it is my assumption that something will happen to Detective Frost (during his vacation mentioned in the Season 4 finale) and there will be flashbacks. Then, at the end of Episode 1, the cast will be given sad news about him. In Episode 2, Frost's character might be saluted during a memorial service.

In fact, the episode description for Episode 2 alludes to that.  

From the Rizzoli & Isles page:

A woman walks into the station covered in blood, carrying a gun, and saying she killed someone. Unfortunately, the trauma of what she did caused her to forget who she is or who the victim is. The team tries to unravel this bizarre case as they deal with the loss of close friend and colleague, Det. Barry Frost.

However, "loss" does not have to mean "death." Just like with the Simpsons, they might retire the character of Barry Frost. While sitcoms like "Gimme A Break" and "8 Simple Rules" responded to the real life deaths of cast members by having characters pass away, it might not be the most sensitive option for Mr. Young's family. 

At the end of the day, the entire team at Zack's TV sends thoughts and prayers to Mr. Young's parents, Mr. Tommy Scott Young and Dr. Velma Love, as well as his other relatives, colleagues and friends. His work is not forgotten.  

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