Kollision Con: Where People Come Together For A Common Purpose

Zack's TV   hit the trifecta as we attended our 3rd Anime Convention of the year. What made this different from the others, it not only brought anime fans together again, but it also reunited a popular indie band. It also had the smallest setting as well as had unique activities, guests, and even vendors.
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Convention attendees taking the time to take pictures with Z City

Equilibrium is sending the proceeds of the sales of any of these bags to help the victims of the super typhoon that hit the Phillipines

Like the previous conventions we've attended this year, there were many unique panels. One of the ones that stood out was the acting and improv class taught by none other than Chuck Huber. We first met him back at Anime Midwest, and here at this convention, he answered questions about his acting and voice acting background, and also had exercises in teaching people how to get over their fear of public speaking as well as improvised acting.
It was at this convention I took the time to attempt to run a panel. This panel centered around the anime "Mirai Nikki" otherwise known as "Future Diary". The discussion focused on the moral implications on how far would you go and what you would do to be given a chance to become a god (although limited) of the world to shape the world in your own way.
There were also many other activity, discussion, and Q&A panels. One of those Q&A panels brought us the return of The Adventures of Duane and BrandO. Speaking of which...

We've already mentioned Chuck Huber. Russell Lissau who was the writer for the "Batman Strikes" comic book series for DC Comics gave us the insight on working for a major comic book company like DC, and especially writing the story lines for one of the most iconic superheros ever. Richard Horvitz gave fans a chance to speak to the voice of the original English speaking Alpha 5 from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

One of the most key guests were the band The Adventures of Duane and BrandO. This band is most known for taking the musical themes from video games and arranging them to a rock/rap hybrid style similar to that of the Beastie Boys. A few years prior, the band had broken up and their last performance was in Chicago. At Kollision Con, the band performed for the first time since reuniting. A lot of their music can be heard YouTube, however listener discretion is advised.

The Vendors Area again pales in comparison to ACen, which also meant it was a more intimate atmosphere. One vendor that stood out was Equilibrium USG. We spoke with their founder and learned more about their company as well as their plan to help those in need overseas. They also gave us insight into attending conventions as a vendor.

All in all, this convention was fun and very intimate. This was their 4th year and they will be celebrating their 5th year anniversary in a big way. They will move their convention down the street to the anime convention friendly Hyatt Regency just off the Rosemont Blue Line, and instead of holding their convention in November, they will postpone it to January 2-4, 2015.

Hopefully you'll give this convention a chance, especially if you miss out on the major summer convention events. 

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