Political Analyst Lenny McAllister Moves Forward, Maintains Chicago Connections

After a two-year stay in Chicago, media personality Lenny McAllister has found a new home in Washington, D.C.--but he hasn't entirely cut ties with "The Windy City."

The 40-year-old GOP enthusiast still submits editorials for The Chicago Defender and checks on old friends from time to time. 

But the nation's capital appears to better place for McAllister to build his brand. 

Last October, Media Alliance--a Fort Myers, Florida-based talent agency-- began representing McAllister. It was a full circle moment for the same man who found himself at a career crossroads just one year ago. In July 2011, he "parted ways" with Chicago radio station, WVON, after making controversial statements about a sponsor. 

Fortunately, McAllister found freelance opportunities in media and community affairs to support himself and his family. As the son of working class parents, he relies on the values they instilled him during his upbringing in Pittsburgh. 

In his new book, "Spoken Thoughts From An Amalgamated Advocate in Today's America," McAllister expresses a fear about "the lack of political knowledge and preparation" contributing to the violence occurring in urban areas across the nation. [The book is in limited availability, but you can download a free excerpt here.]

"We are losing our loved ones and our future to the horrific tensions and terrors and burdens of war that we see in our streets," he writes. " Our 'Baghdad' is often Baltimore; our combat zone is too often Chicago."

Last night, the violence in Chicago continued with six people dead after a wave of shootings.  

Despite the presence of tragedies, McAllister stays vigilant in using his platform to make Americans aware that one community's problem should be a concern for all.

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