Proud Veteran Shares 4th of July Memories

On Independence Day, Americans celebrate the freedom they enjoy but also stop remember the men and women in the armed forces who fight to protect their liberty.

One of those people is Michael Pagliaro.  

The 47-year-old New York native shared with Zack's TV some of his Independence Day memories and gave insight about how we can thank veterans.  

Describe your childhood memories of July 4.

I really enjoyed the 4th of July long before I knew the meaning! We always had some kind of cook out with the family and extended family. My father was a policeman here so we had a large family! I grew up in a medium town of 50,000 people in upstate NY. A far cry from the "City" but we love them too!
What made you join the U.S. Military? Which particular branch did you join?

I joined the US Army in 1983, less than 30 days out of  High School. I knew my dad could not afford to put my twin brother and myself through college.

I was a Military Policeman. I was stationed in Germany twice, the latter being the time when the wall came down.
Shortly thereafter, I was redeployed to Operation Desert Shield/Storm.  I was personally responsible for 11 peoples' health and welfare.  I made them a promise :"We are all going home." We made it. My prayers to those still fighting. Sometimes after the uniform goes off, the battle still rages.Its some ugly thing called PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder]. 

I hate that acronym!

What will you be doing for this Independence Day?
I have no plans. I hope to get invited to a cookout--just like a kid again!

How should we honor veterans on Independence Day?

If you want to honor a veteran,  just shake their hand and say 'thanks.' We just did what we signed up for. We are humble and yet proud too! Someone had to do it!!

 ~ Zack The Producer 

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