Should Fathers Spank Their Daughters?

Fathers are speaking out about their right to discipline female children after the arrest of an Atlanta minister earlier this week.

Creflo Dollar, pastor of World Changers Church in College Park, Georgia, was arrested on Friday and charged with assaulting his 15-year-old daughter.  He is accused of punching and choking her after they had an altercation about if she could attend a party.

While father-daughter relationships are generally thought to be very loving and lenient, some men are saying that girls can be hurt in the long run if their fathers don't "lay down the law." 

Andre Kellum, a business consultant from Glenwood, Illinois, says that men should be allowed to raise their sons and daughters with the same expectations. 

"Fathers are the head of the household and it's not debatable if he can discipline any of his children," the entrepreneur explains. "Society needs to stop these double standards for black men where they have to 'stand up and be men' but can't father their children." 

In North Carolina, the same reasoning applies in the Alston household. 

32-year-old Anwar Alston is a married father of six and believes that his sons and daughters deserve equal punishment for wrongdoing. He believes that if parents "spare the rod," it will make children feel as if there are no consequences for disobedience--especially in the African-American community. 

"Creflo Dollar's disciplining of his daughter further illustrates the mountains that black males face interacting with black women," the graduate student says. 

"We can't reprimand our daughters or lead our families because our women hate us." 

Alston continued that Dollar's relationship with his daughter represents a "microcosm of a larger problem," given that she has defied her a father--an ordained man of God.

Dollar issued a statement today in which he said he would never hurt his children. 

~ Zack A. Isaacs

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