Community Unites After Teen's Slaying

About 50 people gathered in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood on Thursday afternoon for a prayer vigil honoring 16-year-old Shakaki Asphy--who died on Sunday after being shot by an alleged gang member. 

Members of the anti-violence group Ceasefire, as well as St. Sabina pastor Father Michael Pfleger, came out to show support for the young woman's family and encourage residents to take back their communities. 

"We've heard the police give their plans and their strategies--and that's a good thing--but that's not enough," said the 63-year-old priest. "We've got to have a strategy and a deployment of the community." 

On Wednesday, a 16-year-old alleged gang member named Antuan Joiner was held on $1 million bail in connection to the weekend shooting that claimed Asphy's life. He was identified by other teens who were shot at while sitting on the same porch. 

A mother of one teen who survived the shooting talked about how it was his second time being shot. But she had confidence that all people involved in violent acts toward their community would be captured. 

"We got that n---er, and anybody else who's riding with him--we gon' get them too." 

~ Zack A. Isaacs

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